Our objective within the Real Estate sector is to develop new urban nodes across the East African region that represent investment grade assets of scale. We seek to master plan attractive sites across the region and provide commercial impetus for investors to establish city shifting developments. Centum Real Estate, a wholly owned subsidiary, is responsible for execution of this vision.

Our value creation process involves;

  • Acquire land in strategic locations.
  • Master plan development and obtain approvals.
  • Attract third party capital at development level.
  • Develop infrastructure and select in fill developments.
  • Avail construction ready sites to investors in line with master plan.
  • Undertake urban management of developments.

Our real estate development cycle consists of 5 main gates of value creation;

  • Feasibility Business Case – Understand the market opportunity and size the potential profit of the venture.
  • Concept Business Case – Detail the product value proposition and firm up the business case, design and all necessary approvals.
  • Market Validation and Fundraising – Sense checking the assumptions of the business case and evaluating if there is potential market uptake while securing equity and debt funding.
  • Pre-construction – Securing all the necessary resources and planning/scoping the construction costs, milestones and timelines.
  • Construction – Ground breaking and actioning the project plan developed in the previous phase, while continuously tracking progress.