1. Incorporated as an affiliate of the Kenyan government-owned Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC) with a nominal share capital of KES 2 mn and named Industrial Commercial Development Corporation Investment (ICDCI). In the same year, it was listed on the then Nairobi Stock Exchange.

  2. Appointment of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry to the Centum Board

  3. ICDCI issues 400,000 additional ordinary shares.

  4. Acquisition of a 26.4% stake in Kenya Wine Agencies Limited

  5. The Company’s authorized share capital grows from KES 4 mn to KES 6 mn through the creation of 400,000 additional shares valued at KES 5 each

  6. The Company issues 1,800,000 shares at KES 5 each, increasing the Company’s nominal share capital to KES 15 mn

  7. Investment in Nairobi Bottlers Limited for a 27.6% stake.

  8. Issues of 886,839 additional shares recording a total of 5.3 mn issued shares at year end

  9. Minority stake investments undertaken in East African Fine Spinners Limited, Mount Kenya Bottlers Limited, Minet – ICDC Insurance Brokers, Kisii Bottlers Limited, East African Breweries Limited and Car and General (K) Limited.

  10. Authorized share capital increases to 100 mn through the creation of 14 mn shares each valued at KES 5. At year end, the Company had a record 20 mn authorized shares, each valued at KES 5. A rights issue is undertaken with the Company closing the year at a total of 11.1 mn fully paid up shares. Some of the proceeds from the rights issues utilized in additional funding for the development of the Company’s plot on Uhuru Highway later that year. Additional investment of KES 4.1 mn in the Nairobi Stock Exchange and an investment in Wormald (K) Limited is undertaken.

  11. Additional investments worth KES 27 mn undertaken primarily in the Nairobi Stock Exchange. ICDCI also invests a total of KES 5 mn in Dawa Pharmaceuticals Limited. Issuance of shares and debentures worth KES 11 mn. ICDCI records fully paid up shares amounting to 15 mn at KES 5 each at the close of the year.

  12. Acquires a 17.8% stake in General Motors East Africa.

  13. Additional minority stake investments undertaken in Eveready Batteries Limited, NAS Airport Services Limited, Kisii bottlers Limited and Minet – ICDC Insurance Brokers.

  14. CDCI adopted an independent management team, with ICDC ceding day-to-day management and decreasing its shareholding.

  15. Acquires a 16.6% stake in UAP Insurance Limited, a 35.4% stake in Mather & Platt Limited and a 27.6% stake in Flamingo Bottlers Limited

  16. Acquires an additional shareholding in UAP Insurance Limited increasing the stake to 23.7%

  17. Rolls out Centum 1.0 for the period 2004 – 2009.

  18. Investment 3.8% stake in K-Rep bank (now Sidian Bank). Exit from Uchumi.

  19. Acquires 10% stake in Rift Valley Railways Investments Limited. Partial exit from Eveready East Africa through an IPO on Nairobi Securities Exchange. Sale of Kimathi House and Consulate Chambers.

  20. 35% stake in Longhorn Publishers Limited acquired

  21. ICDCI rebrands to Centum Investment Company Plc (‘Centum’). Exit from Mather & Platt Limited.

  22. Centum embarked on an aggressive 5 year Pan African strategy that saw the company re-organised into three distinct business lines; Private Equity (PE) Quoted Private Equity (QPE) and Real Estate and Infrastructure (RE&I).

  23. Acquires a 15% stake in SIA Holdings (NAS Servair) Exit from Rift Valley Railways

  24. Purchase of 100 acres along Limuru road part of which now sits Two Rivers Mall and 300 acres in Entebbe Uganda, now Pearl Marina Development Centum cross-lists shares on the Ugandan Securities Exchange Investment in Helios Fund II and CAPE III fund

  25. The company repositioned itself to better manage third party funds as well as for growth by reorienting the three business lines to become wholly owned subsidiaries of the parent company Centum. Issuance of a KES 4.2 bn bond, the largest private placement in Kenya's history at the time Investment in Akiira Geothermal for a 36.5% stake Investment in Platcorp Holdings Limited, investment holding company for Platinum Credit and Premier Credit Limited with operations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, for a 35.6% stake Acquires additional shareholding in Almasi Beverages Limited

  26. Nabo Capital, (formerly Centum Asset Managers) – one of the wholly owned subsidiaries – acquired approval from the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) to manage third party funds. Genesis Kenya – with KES 116 Billion of assets under management – joined the Centum family as part of our drive to grow third party fund management. Partners with Broll Property Group, to establish Broll East Africa, which Centum holds a 30% stake Included in the NSE 20 Share Index for the first time

  27. Rolls out Centum 3.0, a strategic plan for the period 2014 – 2019 that includes the incorporation of the corporate responsibility docket- Centum Foundation. Additional investment in K-Rep Bank (now Sidian Bank). Exit from Helios Fund II and CAPE III Fund. Issues a KES 6 bn 5-year bond which is 138% oversubscribed.

  28. Incorporates Greenblade Growers Limited, a herb growing and exports business. Additional investment in Sidian Bank Limited raising Centum’s stake to 74.8%. Exit from UAP Insurance Limited. Acquires 14,000 acres of land in Kilifi county, Kenya – now The Vipingo Development.

  29. Establishes a consortium with Investbridge Capital a Dubai-based investment bank and SABIS® a school operator with an intention to setup 20 schools in Sub-Saharan Africa. Acquires additional stake in Longhorn and Almasi Beverages. Exits AON Insurance Brokers

  30. Launch of Two Rivers Mall, the largest shopping mall in Sub-saharan Africa, outside South Africa attracting over 200,000 visitors

  31. Exit from GenAfrica
    Asset Managers.