Our Sustainability

Our investment objectives are anchored on sustainable development. We make conscious decisions to ensure responsible investing anchored on social, environmental and governance factors.

Our responsible investing policy forms the bedrock against which the sustainable development is anchored. This entails:

  • Having proper governance structures, concern for the environment and social responsibility.
  • Ensuring that our investments not only generate desired return to shareholders’ capital, but also benefit the society and environment.

Our Minimum Environmental Social Governance Standards

Centum is focused on investing in businesses which are committed to:

  • Taking necessary measures to ensure equitable distribution of value across the supply chain in all its operations.
  • A responsible approach to environmental management of their business operations by making efficient use of natural resources and mitigating environmental risks and damage.
  • Respecting the human rights of their workers and of the people within their supply chain.
  • Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for their employees and contractors.
  • Treating their customers fairly and respecting the health, safety and wellbeing of those affected by their business activities.